Juan Antonio Mañas

Madrid, 1946

Juan Antonio Mañas and Brigitte Szenczi are a unique artistic couple who have found their own space and language in the world of contemporary figurative painting. They exhibit their works together, establishing a dialogue and symbiosis that offers a pictorial story evocative of mythology, dreams, science, philosophy, humor and visual culture as some of the recurring themes in their work.

Juan Antonio Mañas’ work often draws inspiration from cinema and literature. His language is of a disturbing realism, metaphysical and highly imaginative. Melancholy often appears as an element in his paintings, which explore the drama of the act of painting itself, the different levels of consciousness or the irrepressible attraction to the reconstruction of myths. He recovers the romantic vision of the landscape, with a narrative plot, in which what happens on the canvas evokes what has been lived, with a multitude of parallels and complicities.

His career with Brigitte Szenczi began in 1975 with Hollywood scenes as a theme. Later, they also dealt with themes such as childhood or the landscapes of memory. They exhibited together in some of the most important galleries in Spain, as well as in France, Italy and Portugal. Their work has been treated by prominent writers. They have been exhibiting at Sala Parés since 2006.

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