Antoni Mas

Campos, Mallorca, 1953

Antoni Mas’ paintings are created at a slow pace, meticulously and with perfectionism. They are made of minuscule brush-strokes, almost invisible.

Among his preferred subjects is the sea in Mallorca, which he approaches in various ways. Sometimes locating it in the foreground, where the transparency of the water allows you to see the seabed full of colours and volume. On other occasions he depicts it from a distance, where the peaceful movement of small waves lapping against a flat rock is bathed in many shades of the afternoon sunlight giving it the appearance of a sculpture. Quite often the ocean is stretching towards the horizon where an island surrounded by a mysterious light emerges. Other times the sea only represents the background to a forest where each tree and leaf are depicted with touching realism.

Antoni Mas expresses his feelings through landscapes or still lifes. He beautifully composes the latter with fragile and translucent flowers which talk about an ideal and fleeting reality that is subtle and delicate. On other occasions the main subject is a selection of fruits highlighted by a shaft of light that becomes magical, almost in baroque style, against the background of a rich range of ochres and greys which blends into an atmosphere of differing shades.

Each painting offers a reality willingly idealised by the artist with the aim of getting us to dream about a universe full of serenity and beauty.

Antoni Mas has exhibited individually in various Spanish towns and has also participated in group shows presented in Rome, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Geneva and other cities. His art-work has obtained several art prizes.

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