Ángel Marcos

Valladolid, 1955

The work of Ángel Marcos focuses on the urban landscape, the territory and some of the cities he has visited, such as New York, Shanghai, Havana, Madrid and Barcelona, among others. With his photographs, the artist reflects and invites us to reflect on phenomena such as globalization, gentrification, suburbs and, in general, the transformations that cities undergo due to how we relate in and with them. Despite his critical sense, his images have a great plastic and aesthetic appeal that manages to captivate us and generate reflection.

In addition to photography, his language also includes video and installation. The artist awakens different reactions and sensations with each work. He often transports us to places of transition, to urban peripheries and uninhabited or abandoned spaces, which he uses to refer to the concept baptized by anthropologist Marc Augé as non-place and to search for the true image of cities, not the sugar-coated version shown in postcards or mass tourism.

He is considered one of the most relevant photographers in Spain and has exhibited in many prestigious galleries in Europe and America. He has been exhibiting at Trama Gallery and Sala Parés since 2009. In the autumn of 2015, he presented the project Alrededor del sueño (Around the dream) around the city of Barcelona at Trama Gallery and had a great media and public impact.

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