Simó Busom

Barcelona, 1925
El moll blanc, oil on canvas, 54 × 81 cm

About the artist

Simó Busom was a pupil of Joan Lahosa from Academia Baixas in Barcelona where he studied technical and artistic drawing. He studied the Italian Renaissance masters and in the 1950s he successfully experimented with watercolours. During his formative years he also experienced the influence of the French painter Victorin Galière and the Catalan painter, teacher and art critic Rafael Benet. Despite all this he was mainly self-taught, evolving through Constructivist and Cubist periods to a Post-Fauvism manner of painting featuring a free and agile style.

He has a wide theoretical and practical knowledge of oil painting, watercolour, engraving and lithography, and masterfully employs all of these techniques.

Busom has regularly exhibited at Sala Parés since 1964. His creations are among some important Spanish art collections including in museums in Athens, Pontevedra, Huesca and Valls.

Plaça Reial , oil on canvas , 46 × 61 cm
Rambla amunt , oil on canvas , 40 × 40 cm
Sagrada Familia , oil on canvas , 55 × 38 cm
Miháy Bodó Marcos Cárdenas
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