Raimon Sunyer

Barcelona, 1957
Santillana del Mar, oil on wood panel, 70 × 70 cm

About the artist

Raimon Sunyer looks at reality calmly, internalising it in order to extract its essence and represent it in his paintings.  Sometimes his approach is realistic, other times it is more symbolic and metaphysic connecting with some moments of the Italian Painting of the first half of the 20th century. On other occasions it is analytic reminding us of some aspects of Cubism.

Each painting is bathed in a special atmospheric light which sets the ‘temperature’ for the whole picture. In some instances a soft focus enhances the blending of colours, whereas he utilises a clear focus when he is after sharp contrasts.

His creations require an unhurried gaze, to appreciate the sense of harmony and peace. Any transition is smooth and gentle imbued with serenity, silence and quietness.

The artist’s has a range of preferred topics. The landscapes are frozen in time, presenting abandoned factories, empty buildings, countryside views, windows looking at the sea and night scenes so intense that they seem theatrical. His still life compositions are made of objects that lose their materiality to become symbols of the time passing, where his figures also embody the manifestation of his symbolic universe.

He is a careful painter for whom the composition of the picture is crucial. His paintings are made of thousands of minute brush strokes that blend with each other and disappear visually, making his creative process very slow.

His artistic career has been built up over more than 35 years taking him to regularly present his work in Barcelona and Madrid. He regularly exhibited at Sala Parés since 1981. He has also displayed his work in solo shows in other Spanish cities such Palma de Mallorca and Valencia, and abroad in New York and Milano. He has participated in important institutional mono-graphic exhibitions devoted to modern realism in Catalonia and Germany.

Cantabria, oil on wood , 38 × 41 cm
Primavera a Tiana, oil on canvas, 30 × 40 cm
Revolt Menorquí, oil on canvas , 46 × 65 cm
Interior de Menorca , oil on canvas , 38 × 72 cm
Gonzalo Sicre Brigitte Szenczi
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