Rafel Joan

Palma de Mallorca, 1957
Solpes asoleiadre, oil on canvas, 92 × 92 cm

About the artist

His landscapes are lyrical and contemplative, highly poetic, close to symbolism … They speak of loneliness and stillness, the passage of time, the cycle of the seasons, the natural light that awakens or fades … or like the rain or the Winds change fields, trees and plants. Rafael Joan’s light is always natural, beautiful, and colors the atmosphere with a different peace …

As Enrique Juncosa says: «The atmosphere in his paintings is always dense, with earthy colors that are never bright or primary. He is a painter of light, who always paints shadows, sunrises, twilights, moments of transition. Everything is finally unattainable, although he seeks fixity, and this tension gives his painting an always disturbing point ».

He paints both the infinite diversity of atmospheres that Mediterranean light creates and fragments that light creates when it disintegrates into floating particles that move between the leaves and branches of the trees or on the bottom of the sea … These fragments of light are translated into his paintings in small mysterious beings that he calls “bellumes”, a Mallorcan word that designates the fleeting spots of light that we see with our eyes closed when something has dazzled us.

His painting is not at all realistic but subjective, populated with almost abstract images that are what the artist sees in his long periods of contemplation of nature and that he later reinterprets.

The approaches to Rafel Joan’s paintings go quickly from the very close-ups to overall visions, from concretion to abstraction, and, in this aspect, they remind us of the world of cinema.

Lately, he has delved into other ways of capturing nature, taking notes in the middle of the ultralight flight, from where the forms of the landscape dissolve, the surface becomes almost flat, the vision becomes almost abstract and his painting becomes aerial. … Floating.

He has also dressed as a diver to walk on the seabed and catch from within the light of the sea that filters from the surface and impacts on the fish and algae that move propelled by the marine currents. A liquid world, of great chromatic richness, where everything also floats, which translates into almost hypnotic, abstract images, but full of details and painted from memory.

Rafael Joan suffers from his paintings, he fights tirelessly with them, insists a thousand times until the last stroke … and returns to them … because “that little stain” is still not exactly how he wanted … This is one of his secrets … He questions his gift and this makes it great … But this storm goes unnoticed and we only see the result: the light that his paintings finally give off, the fullness and extreme calm that they breathe …

The painting of him is pure sincerity, without any concession … the paintings of him do not lie …

He has exhibited regularly since 1983 in prestigious galleries in Mallorca, Valencia … In Barcelona, ​​he has presented his work in the Metrònom, Dau al Set galleries and, since 1993, in the Trama gallery and in the Sala Parés. The latest exhibition of him has been an anthology dedicated to him by Es Baluard, the museum of contemporary art in Mallorca. His work is featured in relevant exhibitions around the world. Outstanding writers and poets in writing about his painting.

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Núria Guinovart Juan Carlos Lázaro
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