Perico Pastor

La Seu d'Urgell, 1953
Estris, ink and watercolour on paper marouflé on canvas, 77 × 78 cm

About the artist

On Japanese paper, Perico Pastor creates utilising  watercolours and ink. He has a unique language which builds on the intuitive but forceful, long brush-strokes of black ink in various widths. These are gestural outlines that give structure and expression to each piece of his art-work. They mingle with the colour staining and blotting that he applies at the next stage of the creative process.

Perico is extraordinarily skilful with the use of colour. He is able to create many tones and shades combining unusual effects in one single painting. The watercolour technique enables him to suggest that the light in the scene comes from behind, giving an unexpected luminosity to colour and implying transparency.

Recently he is using the marouflé technique, which consists of gluing his watercolours on stretched canvases. The glue acts as the finishing varnish on a painting and at the same time adds intensity to the colour without taking away any transparency. His pictorial language is becoming more synthetic and at times he only uses the black ink.

The topics he depicts are usually taken from everyday life, e.g. love scenes, day to day activities and nature. He has also developed ambitious theme projects like illustrating the Bible for a special edition published in Barcelona.

Perico Pastor’s long and broad career has taken him to exhibit in most of the Spanish towns as well as in Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York where he lived for a few years. His paintings are in important international collections.

Post, ink and watercolour on paper marouflé on canvas, 182 × 99 cm
Back, ink and watercolour on paper marouflé on canvas, 75 × 145cm
Bella, ink and watercolour on paper marouflé on canvas, 25 × 19 cm
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