Pascal Plasencia

Barcelona, 1962
Flors i Ampolles, bronze relief, 40 × 70 × 11 cm

About the artist

Pascal Plasencia  (Barcelona, 1962)

Pascal Plasencia is a sculptor who has chosen a realistic line that infuses his works with a humanity far removed from naturalism. The artist investigates, takes a theme, delves into it, shows it cerebrally in its thousand faces and moves it forward. Nothing is despicable to him if it is natural, if it is rooted in everyday life: a sigh, the tinkling of the rain, the daily walk of a lonely dog or the flight of a bird. The artist does not try to imitate certain natural events, but to assume their plastic values in subjects that are particularly expressive and, as such, poetic. Sculptures and reliefs that often represent the traditional themes of painting, such as figure, animals, still life, objects, showing their interest in composition, color and light reflected in convincing volumes.

Sculpture is an existing bodily reality that we can touch by establishing a physical contact, but beyond the touch or the look, the works of Plasencia communicate to us in silence what is not always seen or perceived in all the paths that a artwork offers us. Existing realism, with an imaginative vision, that brings it closer and away from us, as is typical of artistic creation. Sculptures with a modernity of well-defined international air, all made with rigor and quality and the essentials, fruit of the creativity of an artist who wants to go to their own devices and according to their own feelings.

Pascal Plasencia performs his sculpture studies at the School of Arts and Crafts “Llotja” of Barcelona and completes his training by working in various workshops of sculptors. He has exhibited in Sala Parés since 1995 and has also exhibited in prestigious galleries, public institutions and international art fairs in Spain, Andorra, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Singapore. It complements the realization of one’s own work with that of custom, taking sculptural projects in public spaces.


La taula del jardí, bronze , 28 × 52 × 14 cm
A casa, bronze, 53 × 28 × 18 cm
Dona del sofà, bronze, 31 × 45 × 15 cm
El gos blau, bronze, 40 × 85 × 20 cm
Gerro amb flors, bronze, 25 × 10 × 8 cm
Magranes, bronze, 17 × 59 × 15 cm
Marcos Palazzi Àlex Prunés
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