Núria Guinovart

Barcelona, 1961
Relació, cement and acrylic on wood, 80 × 120 cm

About the artist

Núria Guinovart utilises industrial cement and tar in her paintings. Her unique technique responds to the desire to articulate a poetical discourse that conveys strength and, at the same time, a subtle and deep warmth. Using these heavy materials that appear to have little aesthetic value, the artist constructs a refined world made of feather light, even lyrical, spaces.

She makes incisions on the cold cement surface after having smoothed and waxed it.  Her delicate outline, emphasised by the tar, removes the matter as she is drawing. This is a risky procedure as her actions are irreversible. The cement drying process determines the time that the artist has to make her personal statement, that of her sensitivity and her ability of expression. By means of simple and abstract shapes she reveals silent spaces, which often, relate to landscapes.

Guinovart uses neutral tones, usually a variety of grey ranges but, more recently, she has also introduced a pallet of soft and pale greens, blues, yellows, pinks, and purples.

The natural drying cracks occurring on the cement when drying contribute to a sense of fragility, which reinforces the tenderness transferred to the cold and lifeless cement by Núria Guinovart. Her art-work becomes loaded with feelings and emotions, which have the ability to make the matter speak.

Her paintings connect with the Catalan Contemporary Abstraction by evoking the murals of Preshistorical and Romanesque art.

Núria Guinovart has exhibited in well-known Catalan galleries. Her creations are in various collections and her career has been followed by the professional art sector, art critics and audience with increasing interest.

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