Miguel Rasero

Córdoba, 1955
S/T, mixed on wood, 48 × 56 cm

About the artist

When one contemplates the evolution of Miguel Rasero’s work, in all the different periods, one becomes aware of the extraordinary variety of registers developed by this artist. Who has worked with subjects as diverse as vegetation, still life, abstraction constructed from objects in impossible equilibrium, mesh-works evoking interiors and exteriors, as well as the fragile three-dimensional structures constructed with wood and recycled materials.

But in his paintings, he has also developed themes of; bullfighting, acrobats and figures suspended in the air, and even allusions to figurative paintings by grand masters from different eras.

Rasero, moreover, has used a wide variety of techniques: collage, painting, drawing, bronze and iron sculpture, installations in wood, amongst others.

The rich diversity of Rasero’s work responds to his unflagging intellectual and artistic curiosity, but what is most surprising is the coherence transmitted by the corpus of his work, that can pass from markedly conceptual registers to a more painterly approach without ever losing his personal touch.

On the other hand, throughout his evolution, we always find some element of connection with today’s social reality and he often expresses his critical attitude with an elegant touch of irony.

Miguel Rasero is an artist in constant evolution, always daring to incorporate innovative elements in his work. Hence, with the passing of each year, the register of his work becomes enriched by the new series, with new hues and elements that delight and surprise us in each new exhibition.

Miguel Rasero counts with a long career of exhibitions in Catalonia and Spain, regularly participating in prominent art fairs and exhibitions in galleries and public institutions abroad. In 1996 he was invited by the Spanish Embassy in Jakarta to represent up emerging creation in Spain. The Diputacion of Cordoba dedicated a retrospective to his work in 2002 and in 2004 the Galeria Vallecchi in Florència presented a retrospective after a residency in Cuba where he had developed a collection of prints. He has developed numerous public projects, for the hall of a business centre in Atlanta as well as various public sculptures, the most recent being a large sculpture in Cornella de Llobregat and another for a village in the province of Cordoba. In 2006, he realised a solo show at the Juan Cabré Museum in Calaceite, and in December of the same year participated in another retrospective exhibition of his work at the Galeria Echauri in Pamplona. In 2011, he presented a solo show at the Espai Volart of the Fundació Vila Casas de Barcelona. His work forms part of prominent collections, both in Spain and abroad. He recently inaugurated a space bearing his name in the Fundació Perramon (Ventalló, Alt Empordà).

S/T, acrylic on canvas, 100 × 100 cm
L'atelier. Terra alta., acrylic on canvas, 40 × 50 cm
S/T, acrylic on canvas, 100 × 140 cm
S/T, mixed on wood, 210 × 180 cm
Les fleurs du mal, mixed on wood, 100 × 120 cm
S/T, collage on wood, 48 × 56 cm
S/T, collage on wood, 70 × 163 cm
La família del pintor, collage on paper, 70 × 100 cm
La família del pintor, charcoal on paper, 70 × 100 cm
Alejandro Quincoces Eduard Resbier
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