Marcos Cárdenas

Barcelona, 1973
“Collalba gris: ♫ Chacc-chacc-chacc…uiit”, Oil on wood, 45 × 40 cm

About the artist

Marcos Cardenas’ paintings revolve around images of daily life and experiences such as a visit to a city, an object from a home, a particular plant that he likes, indoor views, architectural structures, swimming pools, and close ups of people, to mention but a few. He emphasises scenes that otherwise would pass without being noticed. His contemplative gaze transforms them in something noticeable that has the power to provoke emotion.  They are pieces of art-work that convey stillness and silence.

Light plays an important role in his creations, be it focussed, reflected or assisting to create the overall atmosphere. He tries to get his colours as natural as possible in order to convey a feeling of reality. This impression is emphasised by his subtle, almost imperceptible brushstrokes, which despite being dense with paint, appear seamless on the picture.

One of his most outstanding subjects is the portrayal of human figures caught at random, often immersed in their own world.

Marcos Cárdenas graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. He regularly exhibits at Sala Parés since 2006, having participated in several group shows and art fairs in England, France and Switzerland.  His works have been displayed in other Spanish galleries both in individual and group exhibitions.

“Petirrojo: ♫ Tac-tac…Tac-tac”, Oil on wood, 45 × 40 cm
Sol de invierno, oil on wood, 120 × 100 cm
Happy, oil on wood, 89 × 116 cm
El patio, oil on wood, 120 × 120 cm
Simó Busom Toni Catany
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