Lourdes Fisa

Barcelona, 1964
Sèrie Gratar el Cel III, 2009 - 2011, Mixed fiber glass, 50 × 50 cm

About the artist

The works of Fisa are rich and varied, overlaying multiple layers of matter, as if depositing memories that weave together her symbolic imaginary. She breaks and tears away to rebuild, engraving with the idea of exploring and delving into the depths. Not unlike a Russian nesting doll, each one of her works incorporates much more in its interior, as it combines printmaking techniques with painting, creating the contrast of gesture and material that characterises her work.

Through her abstract language, Lourdes Fisa has achieved her own architectural graphic language, a personal iconography and a singular methodology. Her painting is a universe full of symbolic registers. The colour, agility of gesture, textures and collage, are resources to be read with depth and complicity, as they enable the artist to capture abstract concepts, feelings, sensations and everything that flows within her rich and full interior world.

Lourdes Fisa has a degree in Fine Art from theUniversitat de Barcelona, specialising in printmaking, and had an Erasmus grant to extend her studies at the HochshulefürBildendeKünste, Braunschweig,Germany. She received a cultural grant from the Generalitatof Catalonia, to study at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, in the United States. She has done printmaking residencies in England at Wilkey’s Moor workshop. Her stays in these cities have enriched her and enabled her to develop her career on both a national and international level. She has exhibited in solo shows in different institutions and numerous galleries in Catalonia, Spain, abroad, such as Portugal, Luxemburg, Holland, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, the United States, Indonesia, etc. and regularly in international art fairs. Her work is present in prestigious private and institutional collections in Catalonia, Spain and abroad.

Obrir la finestra, mixed on wood, 100 × 100 cm
Sèrie gratar el cel III, 2009-2011, mixed, 50 × 50 cm
Sèrie eutopia III, 2013-2014, mixed, 50 × 50 cm
Planetes, mixed, 80 × 80 cm
Felicitat rodona, mixed, 80d
S/T, mixed, 100 × 100 cm
S/T, mixed, 80 × 120 cm
S/T, mixed, 70 × 110 cm
S/T, mixed, 50 × 130 cm
S/T, mixed, 50 × 130 cm
Espais de natura, Mixed fiber glass, 50 × 130 cm
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