Lourdes Fisa

Barcelona, 1964
Panoràmica, mixed on canvas, 130 × 160 cm

About the artist

Fisa’s works are rich, varied and superimpose multiple materials, like a memory deposit, which weaves its own symbolic imagery.

She breaks to rebuild. As a matrioshka, each of her works incorporates much more inside, since it combines stamping techniques in the painting creating a contrast of line and material very characteristic in her artwork. Throughout abstract language, Lourdes Fisa has achieved her own graphic architecture, personal iconography and unique methodology. Her paintings are a universe full of symbolic records.

The colour, the agility of the line, the textures and the collage allows the artist to capture abstract concepts, feelings, sensations and everything that flows within her rich and complete inner world.

Ombres/ Llavis, 2020, drypoint engraving and additive techniques on paper, 50 × 35 cm
Màscares, 2020, drypoint engraving and stamping on paper, 50 × 35 cm
Distància, mixed technique engraving and watercolor, 70 × 100 cm
Leticia Feduchi Gorka García Herrera
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