Leticia Feduchi

Madrid, 1961
Granadas, membrillos..., Oil on wood, 35 × 50 cm

About the artist

Rosa Queralt makes reference in a recent article to Leticia Feduchi’s admiration for Wislawa Szymborska’s poetry and to the rapport between the two authors regarding the values ​​of her creation… “from an intelligible, precise and lacking emphasis on tone, rhythm and sensitivity with which they approach ordinary fragments of reality, without forgetting a permanent questioning under the principle of doubt. ”

Feduchi’s painting focuses on small everyday objects, such as fruits of the field or fabrics, isolating them in an atmosphere of intense light – sometimes natural – and purifying them to highlight the purely pictorial values ​​that emanate from their shape and color. The rigor and meticulousness of her technique allow her to explore the tones, textures and, ultimately, the light that these objects give off.

Her work is based on constant doubt and questioning, reflection and the search for answers, a process closely related to the world of literature and especially poetry. Realism and contemporaneity coexist perfectly in Feduchi’s work.

Great-granddaughter of painter Blas Benlliure, Leticia Feduchi recognizes Francesc Artigau and Antonio López as her great teachers. She bases her work on classical painting and feels a great fascination for Velázquez or Caravaggio. His works revolve around a theme as classic as the expiration of things and the transience of time, however, he treats it from a contemporary perspective and is fully aware that there is no incompatibility between his admiration for the great classics and modernity .

She studies painting at the Eina School in Barcelona. She takes the painting course at the Istituto per l ’Art i il Restauro in Florence. In 1983 she studied a painting course with Antonio López at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. She takes a drawing course at the Amadeo Roca Academy in Madrid, and was awarded a painting scholarship from the Güell Private Foundation in 1984.

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