Juan Luque

Montilla, 1962
Blanco, oil on canvas, 48 × 93 cm

About the artist

The subjects in Juan Luque’s paintings share the search for spaces where humans can find themselves, spaces of positive and creative seclusion e.g. lighthouses surrounded by either a peaceful or wild sea, circus big tops, Tuscany landscapes, and roadside motels. They often are images referring to the cinematographic world.

His creations carry an emotional energy that draws in the viewer, not only through the impact of the topics, like huge waves or impressive architectural structures, which are full of nuances allowing many types of readings. It is also the way they are depicted. Dark and defined shapes full of power are contrasted against bright, shimmering backgrounds. The whole creates an atmosphere that is similar to the photographic language.

Sometimes the artist is not seeking an immediate, emotional reaction, rather he prefers a calmer response and, thus invites the spectator to stop and contemplate, to discover the many details awaiting to be unveiled after the first impression.

Juan Luque’s paintings have a transparent patina, which is smooth, shiny and luminous. He works with oils, adding as well as removing them, leaving deposits like shadows calling for interpretation. He also utilises resins that are eventually polished with meticulous care. His art-work focuses on expression and synthesis, discarding any unimportant elements.

Juan Luque is a Bachelor in Fine Arts by the University of Seville. He has received many prizes, among them the BMW painting award twice. He regularly exhibits individually in various Spanish capitals, mainly Madrid, Seville and Córdoba and has participated in many art fairs and group shows in Spain and London.

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