Jaume Roure

Solsona (Lleida), 1959
Coffee Amsterdam, oil on cardboard, 59,7×80,8cm

About the artist

Jaume Roure’s paintings develop various themed series which often look at different types of indoor spaces. From the confines of an apartment to the overwhelming dimensions of some museums or library halls. Human figures frequently inhabit his scenes, but they appear lost in their own thoughts and activities, unaware of being watched.

Sometimes the spaces he depicts are imaginary like those in the movies by Jacques Tati, the actor and filmmaker he greatly admires. On other occasions, the indoors sights are not taken from any building rather they are recreated from memory and experience, such as the series that portray everyday life in the 1960s.

These interior spaces allow him to unfold his talent when composing, choosing colour, generating contrast and harmony and, above all, capturing atmospheres of light. In these scenes he also proves his observation skills to process information from reality as well as from experience. He assumes a critical distance which combined with gentleness and emotion results in a refined irony. Roure knows how to subtly reveal his own contemplation of the surrounding world without using narrative but simply using the language of painting.

Jaume Roure regularly exhibits at Sala Parés since 1988. He has received prizes and awards. His paintings have been shown in many individual and group exhibitions in Spain and other European countries.

Old tenista, Oil on cardboard, 40,4×29,5cm
Patinador, Oil on cardboard, 45,6×26,2cm
Esquí, Oil on cardboard, 59,5×39,5cm
Festa, Oil on cardboard, 29,1×40cm
Alberto Romero Gil Joseba Sánchez Zabaleta
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