Gorka García Herrera

Jerez de la Frontera, 1982
Amaurota, oil on wood, 100 × 73 cm

About the artist

Graduated in Fine Arts by the University of the Basque Country, he has resided in Italy for one year thanks to a scholarship that allowed him to take one of his academic courses attached to the Ravenna Academy of Fine Arts. He has also received, among others, the “Beca de pintores pensionados del Palacio Quintanar” (Segovia) and the scholarship “Fundación Antonio Gala para jóvenes creadores” (Córdoba).

In recent years he has participated in numerous exhibitions both individually and collectively. In 2017 the Aurora-Vigil Escalera Gallery hosted his solo exhibition VTOPOS / DISTOPOS. Among the group exhibitions we can review the exhibitions “20 AÑOS DESPUÉS: JULIO VAQUERO, ALEJANDRO QUINCOCES, GORKA GARCÍA” at the Sala de Exposiciones de Valdepeñas or “CIUDADES LÍQUIDAS” at Sala Parés, Barcelona. He has also participated in art fairs such as Estampa, Art Madrid or YIA Contemporany Art Fair in Paris

In 2012 he published “METACAL: GEOMETRÍA DEL OCASO”, a catalog book of his work including texts by Antonio Gala, Alejandro Quincoces, Juan Gómez Bárcena and Javier Vicedo Alós.

Tótem II, oil on wood, 155 × 90 cm
De/Re/Constructing Mantegna, oil on wood, 151 × 76 cm
Ariavento, oil on wood, 80 × 180 cm
Lourdes Fisa Núria Guinovart
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