Gonzalo Goytisolo

Barcelona, 1966
S/T, Oil on canvas, 50 × 55 cm

About the artist

When one looks carefully at the painting of Goytisolo, it becomes clear that the artist looks beyond the physiognomy of reality. His expressly photographic form of framing, the specific treatment of the light, that often reminds us of cinema and the touch of mystery that each painting breathes make us realise, in this case, that reality is at the service of a story, a dream, a phantasy. The artist treats it in a very subtle way: the protagonists of his story are very common elements: visions of the city at dusk, kitchen interiors, common objects full of relevant details, fruit that seems to have its own personality, figures picked from the most popular televisions series. Behind each magnificently precise description of reality there is a meditated story, left to each to interpret.

Goytisolo appropriates the subject matter to place in evidence what interests him as a painter, to offer us a vision that is far from obvious.

The colours are vivid, the brushwork succulent and thick, and the result is a veracity that goes beyond reality. His slow working process leaves little margin for improvisation; based on a great painterly discipline that permits him to resolve in an excellent manner all the alternatives that arise during his long creative process.

Gonzalo Goytisolo’s career is well established both within and beyond Spain, in particular in Barcelona, Madrid, London and Paris. He has received numerous awards and his work forms part of prominent institutional and private collections.

Casa inacabada, Oil on canvas, 35 × 27 cm
Forum, Oil on wood, 28 × 42 cm
Margarita Gil Granero Núria Guinovart
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