Gloria Muñoz

Barcelona, 1949
Reflexes III, oil on canvas, 100 × 81 cm

About the artist

Glòria Muñoz is very skilful when it comes to capturing and revealing beauty in everything she paints.

Her still life compositions express the emotional connection that she establishes with books, prints, clothes and flowers in her studio. Even when these items appear only sketched, there is a spiritual atmosphere surrounding them. Her paintings exude a rich and evocative cultural background.

The landscapes express her experiences, intuitions and sensations in a natural environment. Sometimes she depicts nature’s power through the wind, the rocks or a transparently intense blue sky. On other occasions she captures scenes of serenity and beauty that invite us to let our imagination fly.

Her art-work is the result of continuous research that leads into new topics and expressions. However, she displays a mature yet accessible language that proves her communicative skills. She obtains her inspiration from reality but, instead of subordinating her art to it, she appropriates the theme and transforms it.

Her gestural brushwork has been gaining more fluency and freedom and responds to an internal impulse that finds its form in incisive and assertive dots and brush-strokes that often are very close to the abstract. Having a high command of the technique has enabled her to use it intuitively. Her language has become synthetic, essential, almost mystic.

Glòria Muñoz is PhD in Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona, where she teaches painting. Her art-work has been exhibited in many Spanish art galleries and further afield, e.g. London, Geneva, Bologna, Strasbourg, San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai. She has regularly presented individual shows at Sala Parés since 1988.

Reflexes I, oil on canvas, 145 × 97 cm
Reflexes II,, oil on canvas, 130 × 80 cm
Magraner de Son Servera II, oil on canvas, 97 × 130 cm
Jardí del claustre, oil on canvas, 24 × 35 cm
Estàtua de dia, oil on canvas, 35 × 24 cm
Rosal, oil on canvas, 130 × 97 cm
Fuente y granado, oil on canvas, 80 × 170 cm
Espai vermell amb cel blau, oil on canvas, 97 × 162 cm
Espacio fucsia, mixed on handmade paper, 65 × 85 cm
Música I, oil on canvas, 73 × 54 cm
Cosmos y jazmín, mixed on handmade paper, 26 × 55 cm
Libro azul, oil on canvas, 30 × 61 cm
Música II, oil on canvas, 54 × 73 cm
Josep Moscardó Marcos Palazzi
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