Dominika Berger

Polonia, 1966
El aire de tono dorado, mixed on canvas, 97 × 92 cm

About the artist

I was born in Wrocław, Poland, a city that decades ago had belonged to Germany.

I would consider an umbrella stretched over my pram to be my first powerful visual impact. It was brightly coloured and the pattern was intricate enough to guarantee my parents some lengthy and longed-for hours of calm. From then on, I would consistently become “enchanted” by the visual world. As time went by, nonetheless, mere observation was no longer enough, I wanted to have it for myself.

I do recall the words of one of my professors at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Krakow, referring to the need to carry a small block of sketches with you at all times, which, according to him, was as essential as a handkerchief.

During those university years dedicated to the speciality of painting, I had the opportunity deepen my knowledge of art history by visiting some of the great European museums on my own. On one of these trips I got to know Barcelona, and in 2000 I settled in the city pursue a doctorate in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. My work was entitled “Face and Identity”.

I used to go to college in metro cars full of people whose faces were very different from those I used to see in my country. I was fascinated by that difference. It was in these studies that I first came into contact with the subject that would mesmerise me to this day – the human face. My dissertation was awarded with High Honours.

Throughout my career as an artist, the human face, prevalently my own face, has been the main character of my work, often turned into a personal diary. I would then produce achromatic paintings, reflecting the dull days in my native Poland. The only colours were those of the earth, of organic and natural elements.

The subject of the face haunted me, although at some point the canvases started to be fill with napes, necks, and almost the entire human figure. Gradually, the colours began to materialize. However, the faces did not disappear.

My first step in making my work known was to enter numerous competitions and awards. I won prizes in some of the most important ones, which provided me with more possibilities to exhibit my work. This is how some of my individual exhibitions came about: in the AB gallery (Granollers), the Antoni Pinyol gallery (Reus) and the Ignacio de Lassaletta gallery (Barcelona), which represented me for some years. In 2016, as the gallery ended its trajectory, I began my collaboration with Sala Parés, where since then I regularly present my artworks in solo and group exhibitions.

Conversando con la luz, acrylic on canvas, 114 × 114 cm
Atardecer, mixed on canvas, 97 × 92 cm
Recuerdo, mixta sobre tela, 100 × 83 cm
Memorias, mixta sobre tela, 97 × 92 cm
Límites de la sombra, mixed on canvas, 73 × 55 cm
Reflexiones azuladas, mixed on canvas, 81 × 92 cm
Sombra, mixed on canvas, 46 × 61 cm
Transparencias, mixed on canvas, 100 × 73 cm
Transparencias II, mixed on canvas, 100 × 73 cm
Renacida, mixed on canvas, 41 × 92 cm
Zafiro, acrylic and charcoal on canvas, 146 × 100 cm
Albada, acrylic and charcoal on canvas, 80 × 100 cm
Bieguni, pág. 182, oil on canvas, 89 × 92 cm
Carmen Alvar Simón Busom
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