Daniel Cuervo

Pravia (Asturias), 1972
Moll de la Barceloneta, oil on wood, 120 × 31 cm

About the artist

Daniel Cuervo’s painting can be cathegorised in the style of the Hyperrealism, although in a personalised manner. He usually portrays urban landscapes, mostly Barcelona and occasionally London and Paris.

His creative process is extremely slow. It starts with a detailed drawing that eventually will be covered with a great many invisible brushstrokes. They are the artist’s translation of his meticulous observation of the real world and its image.

Each one of his works is challenging the ability of the human eye to capture information. He values every single detail and element as it occurs in the reality and underlines their importance by portraying them with surprising accuracy.

His urban views are neither critical nor nostalgic; instead they are the testimony of the real world to which he gives more prominence by not hiding or reinterpreting anything.

Cuervo graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona in 1995. He has exhibited at prestigious galleries since 1996 and has regularly presented his work in Sala Parés from 2011. During the past decades his art-work has been selected to participate in important monographic exhibitions devoted to modern realism and it has become part of notable private and institutional collections. He has also been awarded art prizes and received bursaries.

Barcelona desde el mar V, oil on wood, 38 × 100 cm
Barcelona desde el mar II, oil on wood, 33 × 120 cm
Barcelona desde el mar I, oil on wood panel, 20 × 120 cm
Atardecer en el Sena II,, oil on wood, 39 × 80 cm
Torre Agbar - Hotel ME, oil on wood, 120 × 134 cm
Ángel Mateo Charris Garikoitz Cuevas
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