Carlos Purroy

Pamplona, 1957
Viejo olivo, Hand-wrought iron and century-old olive wood, 75 × 53 × 45 cm

About the artist

I was born in Pamplona (Navarra), Spain in 1957. I studied Art and Design in Bilbao and have always had a great self-taught interest in the world of art. When I finished my time as a professional footballer, I started my new profession as a sculptor.

I am a conceptual sculptor who is gradually moving towards abstraction. I am closely linked to nature. I think that light, colour and the shapes of each sculpture are fundamental. These are three concepts that if you mix them well, you can dust off the passions, sensations and artistic emotions hidden and dormant in the spectator. “It is necessary to know how to dialogue with the nature that surrounds us”.

One of my main priorities is to be true to myself and to be as original and professional as possible when creating a sculpture. Some of my works reflect situations, people, things, motifs that I have known before. In the world of sculpture it is always good to look back but you have to keep learning until the end. “Sculpture teaches you that time does not exist”.

I try to speak with my hands and attempt to discover, shape, see and touch an idea that can neither be seen nor touched. All this within a maze that seems to have no way out but that you find it little by little to everyone’s satisfaction. My work is the result of a search for creativity and originality to try to enter into the different minds and sensibilities of art lovers and non-art lovers alike.

Carlos Purroy

Viejo roble, Hand-wrought iron and century-old oak wood, 55 × 43 × 39 cm
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Con la chatarra, Hand-wrought iron and oak base, 61 × 24 × 36 cm
Ordenando, Hand-wrought iron and oak base, 77 × 29 × 27 cm
Tensión vertical de tres cuerpos en ángulo, Hand-wrought iron and stone base, 132 × 47 × 34 cm
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