Carlos Díaz

Barcelona, 1968
Palmeres invertides, oil on wood, 60 × 60 cm

About the artist

Carlos Díaz’s paintings highlights the poetic force of contemporary urban landscape.

The artist captures the light magnificently, reflections and colors of cities where traces of everyday life are seen, which he paints without tricks or deception, with its beauty and flaws. He does not idealize reality but captures it, emphasizing its beauty and its ability to suggest.

The city of Carlos Díaz seduces you by its atmosphere, its transparent and vibrant light, the colors of its buildings and the vitality that you can see in its streets, although it paints them empty of people… an amazing city, sometimes hard, but also human and breathable, treated with a realism of evident modernity that is no stranger to commitment.

Carlos Díaz is a relevant value within contemporary Catalan realistic painting. In this area, he has participated in the most important institutional exhibitions that have been held in the last fifteen years, not only in Barcelona. Apart from his numerous exhibitions in Barcelona galleries, his work has also been presented in Chicago, Madrid, Miami and Vienna, among others. He has obtained very outstanding prizes.

Mirall, oil on wood, 50 × 50 cm
Les seves passes, oil on wood, 61 × 50 cm
Jugant amb les fulles, oil on wood, 122 × 62 cm
Geografia d'un terra mullat, oil on wood, 105 × 63 cm
Composició en un dia mullat, oil on wood, 92 × 122 cm
Trepitjant daurats, oil on wood, 100 × 100 cm
Joc de linies, oil on wood, 100 × 100 cm
No em trepitgis els pensaments, oil on wood, 100 × 100 cm
Terra i aigua, oil on wood, 100 × 200 cm
L'ombra del plataner, oil on wood, 54 × 65 cm
La ciutat ordenada, oil on wood, 100 × 100 cm
Al voltant de la llum, oil on wood, 54 diam
Llum verda, oil on wood, 80 × 40 cm
Reflex d'un carrer amagat, oil on wood, 148 × 80 cm
Primeres llums, oil on wood, 81 × 65 cm
Cruïlla de llums i ombres, oil on wood, 100 × 100 cm
Silenci urbà, oil on wood, 40 × 80 cm
Gotes, oil on wood, 40 × 90 cm
Emprenem el vol, oil on wood, 100 × 81 cm
Instant M8-15, oil on wood, 73 × 60 cm
Ufizzi, Florència, oil on wood, 100 × 50 cm
Catalunya, oil on wood, 100 × 100 cm
Cafè, oil on wood, 80 × 60 cm
Camí d'aigua, oil on wood, 122 × 80 cm
Flor vermella, oil on wood, 55 × 46 cm
Garikoitz Cuevas Adrián Espinós
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