Anna Miquel

Barcelona, 1949
Red and blue storm 5, Mixed on acetate paper, 30 × 42 cm

About the artist

Anna Miquel (1949-2015) has been one of the most representative artists of Galeria Trama. Her works pay testimony to her vitality, energy and enthusiasm for the world that she was involved with, painting.

With extraordinary technical skill, Anna Miquel’s paintings transport us to very different worlds; worlds apparently disconnected to each other, but which the artist manages to connect through her work; pop art, animations, Vanitas, Velázquez, the sea, the references hidden behind her paintings are as varied and as extensive as her production and they transmit the desire she had to go beyond herself day after day, exhibition after exhibition. Her world always surprised us, as much for its innovation in the subject matter as in the techniques she used, hat aside from paint included very diverse materials, such as acetate, shellac and cement.

Large disproportional objects often occupy her creations. Everyday elements like a shoe, lipstick or a flower have at the hands of the artist become contemporary vanitas, inviting us to reflect on the passing of time and the importance of taking full advantage of it at every moment.

Anna Miquel was professor emerita at the Faculty of Fine Art of the Universitat de Barcelona. Her extensive artistic career is compiled in various monographs and publications. She realised numerous solo and group exhibitions and biennales, both nationally and internationally. It is worth also pointing out that her films from the early stages of her career: in Super8 and 35 mm received various prizes for animated films and as a writer, she also published several books for young people.

Reinas cosmopolitas, Mixed on acetate paper, 100 × 100 cm
Barquitos de papel y luz de crepúsculo, Mixed on acetate paper, 35 × 50 cm
Oscuridad gris sin placton, Mixed on acetate paper, 42 × 30 cm
Guerrero Medina Carlos Morago
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