Ángel Mateo Charris

Cartagena, 1962
Nube II, oil on canvas, 24 × 19 cm

About the artist

The work of Ángel Mateo Charris has always been tied to the idea of the journey. His gaze is that of a traveller, who advances through history and the present, his intention to be surprised, linking at times impossible points of view, combining images and concepts until he finely tunes a strange and yet familiar song. Through a figuration with a clear lineage, heir to a multitude of painterly references, the painter lends form to images conceived as a collage of at times contrasting sources and contents, where the narrative sometimes appears subtly and at others more explicitly, but always through the language of painting.

Ángel Mateo Charris is an established artist with a career that has led him to exhibit in galleries, art fairs and museums across the world. His work figures in collections of contemporary art as relevant as: Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Reina Sofía (MNCARS), Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno (IVAM), Fundación BBVA, Fundación Coca-Cola, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Gas Natural Fenosa, Colección Fundación Bancaja, Col·lecció La Caixa, Museo Artium (Vitoria), Museo Patio Herreriano (Valladolid), Col·lecció Banc de Sabadell and the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Burgos (CAB) amongst others.

Millaverde, oil on canvas, 19 × 24 cm
Calle de noche , oil on canvas, 19 × 24 cm
El músculo duerme, la ambición descansa, oil on canvas, 50 × 61 cm
Tiempo, oil on canvas, 33 × 41 cm
Arqueologica II, oil on canvas, 75 × 75 cm
Toni Catany Garikoitz Cuevas
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