Anaïs Senli

Barcelona, 1980
Filamentous Growth in Zoosporangium 2, Mixed on paper, 120 × 80 cm

About the artist

Anaïs Senli is an up and coming artist who’s been living and working in Berlin for over ten years. She was selected in a previous edition of the competition ART<30 which is organised jointly by Sala Parés and Galeria Trama. Her work is based on landscape as a form of power, as all landscape is a territory in movement, shifting and altering, concealing much more than we can perceive in a simple gaze.

Her work ushers us into what she calls “mental landscapes”, a universe constructed by the artist, that has direct connections with different states of nature. So if we observe her work carefully, we can identify forms reminiscent of the depths of the sea, the cosmos, a forest, and many other natural elements that the artist invites us to discover.

In the words of the artist herself, “The question of what we consider nature is one of the main points of departure in my work. My drawings, paintings, photographs and installations explore possible landscapes that far from being represented as a single entity appear fragmented and distorted. Materials found in the woods are combined with industrially produced materials, giving rise to imaginary constructions that can infiltrate reality and lead us, perhaps, to question our perception of nature.”

Anaïs Senli has a degree in Fine Art from the UDK (Universität der Künste, Berlin) where she also undertook her Meisterschülerin. She went on to study philosophy and is currently extending her studies with a Masters degree. Her work forms part of the Fundació Banc Sabadell, and she has also received different grants and awards to develop her artistic projects. She regularly exhibits at a variety of galleries in Berlin and Barcelona and has also participated with Galeria Trama in various art fairs for up and coming artists, such as Swab Barcelona and Arts Libris.

Acetabularia annulus 2, Mixed on paper, 61 × 46 cm
S/T, Mixed on paper, 60 × 46 cm
Filamentous Growth 3, Mixed on paper, 56 × 42 cm
Josep Segú Josep Serra Llimona
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