Àlex Prunés

Barcelona, 1974
El marques, oil on canvas, 81 × 100 cm

About the artist

Àlex Prunés often paints from nature; however his creations do not copy reality. When looking at his paintings carefully, one can see elements that suggest a magical world e.g. objects suspended in mid air, Parisian buildings located in a natural setting or near the sea. These are scenes between the real world and fantasy.

Although his landscapes do not tend to contain figures, human presence is evoked in many details that the spectator gradually discovers, e.g. an open window in some facades, a balloon in the sky, and a merry-go-round at a fun fair. This is why we feel comfortably accompanied in the seeming loneliness of his scenes.

The artist leads us into his idealistic world through many details hidden in the perceived reality. It appears as if he is inviting us to share his personal and internal trip through landscapes that are representing his feelings.

The pallet of colours that he utilises matches his expression. Thus he chooses harmonic, warm and serene tones from another time. The light, quite often an afternoon or evening light, underlines the emotional atmosphere of his paintings to point out that we are dreaming.

Àlex Prunés has regularly exhibited at Sala Parés since 2001, as well as in several Spanish and European cities, e.g. Madrid, Bologna, London and Strasbourg.

Gran Arbre, oil on canvas, 114 × 146 cm
L'andana, oil on canvas, 60 × 60 cm
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