Albert Vidal

Barcelona, 1969
Mata Ikinokottana, acrylic on wood, 110 × 120 cm

About the artist

Albert Vidal’s paintings mainly depict urban themes that illustrate the intervention of human beings in large spaces. However, he approaches landscape in an individual manner that is apart from traditional.

He prefers presenting aerial views of big cities, those showing the rational structure of the metropolis’ layout and of buildings, as well as the more chaotic sights of a settlement undergoing transformation. He even looks at towns that were destroyed by bombs in Germany and Japan and rebuilt afterwards, painting both views from the same angle.

His repertoire also includes natural landscapes where there is no, or only a slight imprint of humanity activity, such as vast deserts or surfaces of seawater. He is a well travelled man and a meticulous observer, which comes across in his wide range of panoramic views from around the globe alongside his most recurrent topic which is Barcelona.

Albert Vidal keeps both a physical and emotional distance with the reality he depicts. It seems as if he wanted to draw a map of what he is seeing and a record of his feelings, allowing the audience to perceive the mystical and serene enchantment of the open spaces and, at the same time, the questions that the artist is posing. Vidal does not get carried away by the experience of reality; he contemplates it and makes it his own by painting it through the language of synthesis.

Each painting utilises a reduced range of colours diversifying them into many tones. The vibration of the colour is restrained as it would be the atmosphere of a big city.

The artist intention is to keep the spectator’s gaze flying over the whole composition without inviting to look at details or chromatic effects. Although his short brushstroke creates small stains in an abstract manner, the overall result comes across very realistically.

Albert Vidal has shown his work in individual and group exhibitions across Spain, in France, Japan, Switzerland and United States. In Barcelona he has exhibited at Sala Parés since 2001. He has also presented art installations at some Barcelona’s public spaces. He has received several art awards and prizes.

Cabina A, acrylic on wood, 130 × 130 cm
American painting, mixed on canvas, 180 × 180 cm
Favela Santa Marta, mixted on wood, 180 × 180 cm
Di Mateo, mixted on wood, 140 × 348 cm
Channel 16, acrylic on wood, 120 × 120 cm
Pas le Pérou, acrylic on wood, 72 × 180 cm
Orenetes, acrylic on wood, 120 × 120 cm
I no naka, acrylic on wood, 140 × 140 cm
Girasols, acrylic on canvas, 120 × 120 cm
Happy barri to you, mixed on wood, 100 × 100 cm
Blau, mixed on wood, 100 × 100 cm
Lluís Ventós Miquel Vilà
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