Adrián Espinós

Alicante, 1985
Barrow Island TralfaSAT, Mixted on metacrilat, 90 × 90 cm

About the artist

The works of Adrián Espinós share a very characteristic feature, the use of transparent acrylic glass as the painterly support. The artist, in his eagerness, to transcend the dimensions of his pieces, works on both sides of the material with a wide variety of techniques, to promote what he calls the “conceptual dimension”. A dimension that corresponds to everything he captures on the back of the transparent acrylic glass, acting at the frontier between painting and sculpture.

Espinós explores the world of nature, endeavouring to capture it as an organic, physical process, as a series of events more than an image. As such, his works are connected to each other, for each one is the cause or consequence of the following painting, generating in this way an infinite series that articulates the discourse of his exhibition.

Adrián Espinós has a degree in Fine Art from the Universitat de Barcelona and despite his youth counts already has a considerable international experience, reflected in his work. He complemented his studies with international exchange programmes at the Kunstakademie of Münster (Germany), Massachusetts College of Art / Design (USA), and the University of Art and Design of Helsinki (Finland). He also participated in a residency at Lepsien Art Foundation (Dusseldorf- Abu Dhabi) and exhibited in various galleries in Helsinki, Münster and Barcelona. He was awarded the prize for the best up and coming artist during the SWAB art fair in 2015.

Tormenta Azul. Preanálisis, mixed on metacrilat, 108 × 185 cm
Kerguelen Proceso 1.3, mixed on metacrilat, 50 × 50 cm
Pasajero 133, mixed on metacrilat, 90 × 130 cm
Carlos Díaz Leticia Feduchi
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