Ramon Moscardó

28.06.18 — 10.08.18
Terra i mar (fragment), oil on canvas , 100 × 100 cm
Marina , oil on canvas , 100 × 100 cm
Sol d'estiu , oil on canvas , 73 × 92 cm
Sol i sorra , oil on canvas , 100 × 100 cm
Òpera Liceu , oil on canvas , 100 × 100 cm
Cafè i marro, oil on canvas , 100 × 100 cm
Olimpia (Praha), oil on canvas , 100 × 100 cm
BCN Bar , oil on canvas , 100 × 100 cm
Muy buenas, oil on canvas , 100 × 50 cm
Adonis , oil on canvas , 50 × 100 cm
La Bacallaneria , oil on canvas , 50 × 50 cm
La bodeguita del medio (La Habana), oil on canvas , 100 × 100 cm
Festeta, oil on canvas , 55 × 46 cm
Diari , oil on canvas , 73 × 92 cm
Nit d'estiu , oil on canvas , 100 × 100 cm
Tibidabo (tríptico), oil on canvas , 60 × 180 cm

Ramon Moscardó

Ramon Moscardó’s paintings are characterised by bright and lively colours reflecting his optimism and joy of life, which enables him to find happy moments in everyday life. He deals with a wide range of subjects e.g. city views such as Barcelona, Prague, Paris, Venice and New York as well as landscapes of Cadaqués in Costa Brava, building facades, bar interiors, street scenes and his studio.

Light plays an important role in his creations, whether the intense Mediterranean sun, the reflection and transparency of the sea, or the light cast on interiors defining various ambiences.

When outdoors, he places himself in front of spectacular views. He enjoys taking high and distant angles but he depicts the atmosphere so clearly that the detailed elements give the impression of being at hand. Distances melt into a vibrant, rhythmic and energetic whole.

When the artist depicts indoors, the human figures become the central point. He often establishes subtle dialogues among the characters, who are expressing themselves through looks and gestures. Through his long experience he shows a great intuition in capturing lively and natural looking human figures.

Ramón Moscardó has been exhibiting regularly at Sala Parés since 1978. His art-work has been shown in many individual and group shows in United States, also participating in shows organised in Hong-Kong and several European capitals. His paintings are represented in many important public and private collections.




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