Art<35 BS / 2015 Competition

Sala Parés and Galeria Trama open the Art<35 BS exhibition of the winners for 2015. The contest is promoted by the University of Barcelona and supported by Banc Sabadell Foundation

28.12.15 — 17:10
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The exhibition showcases the works of ten young painters and photographers from all over Spain. Each year a jury comprising of artists; directors of museums and art galleries; curators and deans of faculties of fine arts, selects the winners.

The Art<35 BS / 2015 display is made up of 30 photographs and 20 paintings by artists under the age of 35 and it will be open to the public from 3 to 26 September.

The aim of the competition, now in its eighth year, is to facilitate access to the professional art sector –consisting of galleries, institutions, art critics and collectors – to young artists working in Spain.


Aïda Andrés

ART<35 2015

Online catalogue

Galeria Trama and Sala Parés are opening this year’s Art<35 exhibition. It showcases the works of the ten winners of the Art<35 BS/2015 competition, which is devoted to artists less than 35 years old, who are working in painting or photography.

The exhibition will be open from 3 to 26 September and consists of five pieces created by each of the winners and chosen by the jury of Art<35 BS/2015. These young artists are on the cusp of entering the professional circuit of contemporary art. One of the aims of the competition is to assist them in networking with art critics, curators, art institutions and galleries as well as collectors.

The show reflects the emerging art trends through a selection made by a jury of experts. Out of the 50 works on display there are 30 photographs and 20 paintings. The winners are awarded a bursary towards the cost of production of their art-work by the sponsor Fundació Banc Sabadell. The pieces on display will be on sale. An acquisition programme has been arranged where six companies will buy at least one piece each. A comprehensive catalogue of the show is available.

Art<35 BS/2015, which celebrates its eighth year, has had 63 applicants from all over Spain. Most of them are aged between 25 and 35, with the average age being 25.

After the show at Galeria Trama and Sala Parés, the exhibits will travel to Bizkaia. Thanks to the collaboration of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universidad del País Vasco, Art<35 BS/2015 will be exhibited at the Basque University’s Sala Bizkaia Aretoa.



Wining Artists at Art<35 BS/ 2015

  • Aïda Andrés (Barcelona, 1985)
  • Javier Artero (Melilla, 1989)
  • Sonsoles Company (Madrid, 1993)
  • Di+lA group (Elx, 1983 i 1984)
  • Mar Guerrero (Palma de Mallorca, 1991)
  • Charlotte Jansen (Herdecke, Alemania, 1991)
  • Iker Lemos (València, 1991)
  • Clara Palomar (Castelló de la Plana, 1990)
  • Mònica Planes (Barcelona, 1992)
  • Cristina Santos (Vila-real, Castelló, 1990)

More information about the Artists at Art<35 BS 2015’s catalogue.



Charlotte Jansen

Art<35 BS/2015’s catalogue has been supervised by the art critic and exhibition curator Frederic Montornés, who is also a member of the jury of the competition. The Jury has met for deliberation and selection of the winners on 27 May.

Montornés’ introductory essay to the catalogue states that: “… one of the most popular topics this year is the consideration of mute, deserted, abandoned or forgotten spaces. They are warning signs of what takes place in a society that, instead of recycling or re-purposing what is already built, chooses to discard, or engulf, what was constructed earlier while ignoring the efforts invested in that creation.”

Mar Guerrero

Art<35 competition has already devoted eight years to young emerging art

During the last eight years, the competition has had approximately 700 applicants and 80 winners. Proof of the success of the contest in the art sector is the fact that many of the former winners are currently working in collaboration with galleries in Spain and further afield.

Art<35 BS has become a national landmark for young artists. It is a platform for different sectors within the visual arts to meet, e.g. artists, galleries, universities, museums, foundations, corporations, collectors and the art audience.

The competition jury is made up of fourteen professionals who occupy important positions in the art world: gallerists, artists, museum directors, deans from faculties of fine arts,…

Sonsoles Company

The Jury for the eighth year was:

  • Ignasi Aballí, Artist
  • Sergi Aguilar, Artist and Director of the Fundació Suñol, Chairman of the Jury
  • Concha de Aizpuru, Galería Juana de Aizpuru, Madrid
  • Carlota Inés Álvarez Basso, Director of Matadero, Madrid
  • Elena Blanch González, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Joaquim Chancho, Artist
  • José Luís Cueto, Artist and Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Universitat Politècnica de València
  • Teresa Grandas, MACBA’s Exhibition Curator
  • Joan Anton Margall, Director of Sala Parés and Galeria Trama
  • Miquel Molins, Chairman of Fundació Banc Sabadell
  • Frederic Montornés, Art Critic and Exhibition Curator
  • Mar Redondo, Vice Dean of Culture of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Universitat de Barcelona
  • Natxo Rodríguez Arkaute, Vice Dean of Extensión Universitaria of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Universidad del País Vasco
  • Alicia Ventura, Fundación DKV Seguros Médicos.
Clara Palomar

The eighth year of Art<35 BS was organised by Associació Art<35, promoted by the Facultat de Belles Arts of the University of Barcelona and sponsored by Fundació Banc Sabadell.

The faculties of Fine Art of Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad del País Vasco and Universitat Politècnica de València participated in the eighth year of the contest.