Pascal Plasencia

Barcelona, 1962
Trompetista, resin, 36 × 34 × 25 cm

About the artist

Pascal Plasencia graduated in Sculpture from Escola d’Arts Aplicades LLotja de Barcelona (Advanced School of Art and Design) in 1986.  He was awarded a bursary from the Real Cercle Artístic and a prize for Drawings from the Cercle Artísitc de Sant Lluch, both are art societies in Barcelona.  He started working in sculpture in the Montserrat Sastre’s workshop in 1983 and later in the workshops of the Lluís Cera and Ferran Ventura, learning various sculpting techniques.

He creates sculptures in various materials, mainly stone, bronze and resin and also does drawings and engravings. His production embraces both his own artwork and commissioned projects. Some of his art pieces occupy public spaces in Catalonia.

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