Neus Martín Royo

Barcelona, 1968
Balthazar, oil on wood panel, 73 × 100 cm

About the artist

Neus Martín Royo’s favourite topics are the Poblenou, her neighbourhood which is undergoing transformation, and bars and shops in Barcelona which are still open although their time has long gone. Other themes are memories of old buildings from Havana, Menorca’s light houses resisting the relentless wind, wide-open spaces of no-man’s land on the fringe of the metropolis etc. These places are like small heroes with souls, relics from the past with real yet mysterious presence, close and not threatening, able to gain our empathy and inviting us into the painting.

These are places that the artist has internalised and humanised through her emotional filter. She wants to look after them to salvage them from the passage of time as if she was trying to preserve the memories she has collected. The absence of human figures creates a serene atmosphere of silence and solitude.

She expresses herself with an individual language that is based on a visible brush-stroke applied over the earlier charcoal drawing. Her method of transparent painting leaves the original black outlines visible where she wants to emphasise areas of shadow or profiles. She creates light atmospheres similar to the style of Edward Hopper, when her aim is to underline the mystery of the scene. She utilises certain contrasting warm tones to evoke the passing of time.

Neus Martín Royo started her career as a painter in 1988. Since then, her artistic personality has evolved earning the esteem of the patrons. She has been showing her art-work in Catalonia, Spain, Europe and America.

Sentinella , oil on canvas , 114 × 146 cm
Torres de l'Aigues , oil on wood, 90 × 130 cm
Liceu II , oil on wood, 46 × 61 cm
El Palau del Thé , oil on wood, 46 × 61 cm
Indi Cakes , oil on wood , 60 × 60 cm
Palo Alto Market I , oil on wood , 46 × 61 cm
Net Print Cafe , oil on wood , 73 × 100 cm
Arranmore, oil on wood panel, 73 ×100 cm
Juan Antonio Mañas Antoni Mas
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