Marco Noris

Bergamo, 1971
Marina, Oil on canvas, 89 × 146 cm

About the artist

In essence a drawer and a painter, Marco Noris has passed through the world of video art, net art and photography before establishing and focussing his artistic practice within the ambit of painting: a choice born from the need to establish a physical and temporary physiognomy in relation to the machine and the digital world. Noris currently works with subjects such as ruins and historical memory, seeking in the past the keys to understanding the present and look into the future.

He has exhibited at various galleries and centres in Barcelona: Galeria Sicart, Cyan Gallery, Galeria Esther Montoriol, Galeria Contrast, Galería H2O, The Private Space, Casa Elizalde, Can Felipa, Espai M of La Escocesa, etc., as well as the Matadero in Madrid, Galeria Canem in Castelló and the 5th Bienal de Vic. Amongst the exhibitions and festivals he has participated in abroad stand out The Active Space, in New York,  (2014), Different Pulses (2013) and Parma Poesia (2002) in Italy and Centre Pompidou in Paris, (2002).

Ella, Oil on canvas, 130 × 100 cm
Sobre el mar de núvols, Oil on canvas, 150 × 120 cm
Allá donde las playas rotas nos muestran el cielo, Oil on canvas, 145 × 180 cm
Maremortum I, Oil on canvas, 100 × 100 cm
Gloria Muñoz Marcos Palazzi
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