Garikoitz Cuevas

Sanlúcar de Barrameda, 1968
Puertas abiertas, Mixed on canvas, 130 × 130 cm

About the artist

The talent of Gari Cuevas lies in the combination of his technical skill and ability to capture in his works concepts and emotions with a great poetic and narrative content. The particularity of Cuevas lies in his language, a unique technique elaborated over more than twenty years of career. His décollage, which consists in the progressive superimposing of canvases stuck onto the painterly support, where he later intervenes selectively tearing away fragments of different canvases of the composition.

Cuevas has presented his work continuously in different Spanish Galleries, Visual Arts Biennials and International Art Fairs, such as MACO in Mexico D.F., MiArt in Milan and ARCO in Madrid. He has been awarded grants by the Col·legio d’Espanya in Paris and the Residència d’Estudiantes in Madrid. In 2006, he received First Prize for Painting, from the Fundación Focus-Abengoa in Seville. His work forms part of museums and collections such as MNCARS in Madrid, Fundación Focus- Abengoa, the Fundación Cajasol in Sevill, Fundación Provincial de Cultura de la Diputació of Cadiz, the Unicaja Collection, the Collections of Caja de Extremadura and of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, amongst others.

Sacudida. Hoy no I, Mixed on canvas, 80 × 80 cm
Morderse la lengua, Mixed on canvas, 100 × 120 cm
Respiración asistida, Mixed on canvas, 150 × 130 × 9 cm
Daniel Cuervo Carlos Díaz
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