Ángel Marcos

Valladolid, 1955
Barcelona 3 Ed.1/8, Inkjet, 45 × 60 cm

About the artist

The photographs of Angel Marcos characteristically have a clear protagonist, the landscape, and in particular the urban landscape. His works are tied to the idea of the journey, forming a dialogue with the territory traversed. It’s an idea he has developed throughout his productions, from the first series where he captured the landscapes of Castile, up until the works realised in the last few years where we find cities such as New York, Shanghai, Havana, Madrid or Barcelona as the protagonists.

The artist situates us in front of the scene with the aim of making us reflect upon her condition as humans, or about phenomena as topical as globalization or the transformations occurring in cities, particularly in the suburbs. They are images with a high visual and aesthetic content, that captivate us from the first moment, but which on further observation, invite us to reflect in a critical and quite an unusual manner.

Ángel Marcos is considered one of the main photographers of Spain. His visual language includes photography, video and installation. He has exhibited at prestigious galleries in Europe and America, participated in the principal international art fairs and featured in exhibitions in museums and foundations. His work forms part of public and private collections in Europe and the United States, amongst which is Museo Reina Sofía of Madrid.

Amongst his most representative works, the project “Alrededor del sueño” stands out. Where Barcelona plays an important role, as it represents the fifth episode of a creative cycle that has led Ángel Marcos to traverse the streets of half the world, capturing the impact of globalisation.

This project was presented in the autumn of 2015 at Galeria Trama on the occasion of the first edition of the Barcelona Gallery Weekend and was very well received by the public and the media.

Barcelona 12 Ed.1/8, Inkjet, 81 × 108 cm
Barcelona 49 Ed.1/8, Inkjet, 85 × 110 cm
Barcelona 19 Ed.1/8, Inkjet, 48 × 63 cm
Barcelona 5 Ed.1/8, Inkjet, 40 × 60 cm
Barcelona 20 Ed.1/8, Inkjet, 63 × 48 cm
Barcelona 18 Ed.1/8, Inkjet, 48 × 63 cm
Barcelona 9 Ed.1/8, Inkjet, 114 × 89 cm
Juan Antonio Mañas Neus Martín Royo
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